Saturday, February 25, 2012

RELICS #2 the judy garland/dorothy gale movie life

Charles Triplett, longtime member and friend of The Judy Garland Experience, has consented to periodically share special items from his collection in a journal here on The Experience. His extensive collection includes vintage materials of all kinds -- most notably costumes and accessories from Judy's M-G-M films, wardrobe from her CBS-TV series, and her personal couture.. Charles is a careful preservationist, and does not publicly exhibit these items out of concern for their care and longevity. In this series we will have an unprecedented view into many of the rare and wonderful things he has collected.

Journal entry # 2: The Judy Garland/Dorothy Gale Movie Life

In the world of serious Judy Garland collectors, (and in this case WIZARD OF OZ collectors also), MOVIE LIFE, August, 1939 is the "holy grail" of Judy Garland cover magazines.   It's the only movie magazine of the era of the movie's release that has Miss Garland on the cover as "Dorothy".    MOVIE LIFE was early in it's publication and was not as widely circulated as say PHOTOPLAY or MOVIE MIRROR. 
For me finding a near mint copy has taken 30 years.  I had almost given up on the search until last year when a Garland collector decided to sell their copy to me.
A copy in this condition, (considering  the market),  is valued between $500 to $1,000.

On a side note my good friend Jay Goede, Broadway singer/actor, artist and Garland fan did a wonderful portrait  painting several years ago based on the cover photo.  I am very happy to have this work of art in my collection. 

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