Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Judy Garland Experience has invited you to join thejudygarlandexperience
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The Judy Garland Experience not only features interesting discussions, but also has the webs most extensive library of rare Garland photo's, many never before seen. The group also features an ever-changing plethora of rare and unreleased recordings by Judy and many other artist's.
This week we are featuring two seperate broadcasts of Judy appearing on The Chesterfield Show, a recording of Judy bravely telling off HUAC, 1954 radio salute, a 1957 appearance at L.A. Greek Theater, and much more.
Next week Judy's complete 1967 Christmas concert form Madison Square Garden will be posted, along with Ethel Merman's entire closing night performance in Gypsy, as well as some other rare unreleased gems from Judy.

The group's membership includes Garland family members, people who knew and worked with Judy, other celebrities, and fans of all ages, all levels, and all walks of life.
The only one missing is you!
Please stop by our little Judyville and check it out, you may never want to leave!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Other odds and ends posted at the experience this week include a 1943 radio broadcast of Judy singing with the Andre Kostelanetz Orchestra, a rare 1969 duet with John Meyer, and some other bits and pieces.


Over at the Yahoo group, recently posted files include highlights from a Liza Minnelli concert at The Winter Garden in New York, as well as an ultra rare file of a ten year old Liza hosting a TV broadcast of The Wizard Of Oz with the cowardly lion hisself, Bert Lahr.

Here is the link:


The new Interpretations song being examined at the Yahoo group is Falling In Love WithLove, as sung by Joe Williams, Judy Garland, Sammy Davis, and CarmenMcRae. Please go to the audio section and listen to the four versions of the song posted. Then go to the polling are and vote for your favorite.

Here is the link:


Other new files posted over at the Yahoo version of The Judy Garland Experience include an impromptu performance form Judy when she sat in at a 1964 meeting of her British Fan Club. We are thrilled to have this exciting recording and can't even imagine the excitement of her fans that got to see her up close and personal.

Here is the link:


Gloria Lynne is up to bat this week on What Judy Sang, and takes a swing at ten of the songs Judy sang at one point or another in her too short, but extremely illustrious career.

Here is the link:


Judy spent a fair amount of time in 1945 and 1946 paying tribute to Jerome Kern. A good portion of that work has been posted to the audio section of the Yahoo group. You can hear Judy cough and talk during the pre-recordings for Till The Clouds Roll by, croon on a memorial radio broadcast, and sing Kern in concert at the Hollywood Bowl.

Here's the link:


Back in 1976 somebody got the idea that Frank Sinatra and EllaFitzgerald should perform together on Broadway. So they booked the Uris Theater for X amount of weeks, added Count Basie and his orchestra to the bill, and then they put on a show. In our audio section you will hear some samples of the results. I love hearing Ella and Frank calling out the soloist's names during their songs, as the Basie band at that time was a veritable Who's Who of jazz.
Check it out before the files go away:

Mail Call

I posted another radio program starring Judy with Grouch Marx, Mail Call #19, from January 9, 1943. I'm not sure, but this may have been the first time that Judy and Groucho worked together, but as with their later work, they sound delighted to be in each others company. Also starring on the show are Betty Grable and Jose Iturbi. Judy sings I Never Knew, and with Iturbi, performs a version Of The Joint Is really Jumping that out boogies the film version by at least three bushels of hep!

Here is the link:

Bette Davis in Radio Foxes

This week on Lady Esther Blodgett Theater we are featruring Bette Davis in an August 6, 1945 radio recreation of one her most memorable roles, as Regina in The Little Foxes. Huge thanks to the wonderful member who bestowed this recording, and a whole bunch of other cool stuff, upon us.

Here's the link:



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