Monday, August 30, 2010


New files posted to the Yahoo version of TJGE include an informal conversation between Judy and Hans and Grethe Vangrkilde where Judy discusses reports of a recent overdose, being touched by a cab driver, the price of bread, and much more.

Also posted is Judy performing the last "new song" that was ever orchestrated for her, the complete transcript of her 1965 appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show, Dinah Washington and Aretha Franklin drawing a line in the sand over I'll Never Be Free, and another episode of Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney's early 60's radio show.

A salute by Judy to her son Joe has also been posted, as has her and Nat Cole's appaearances on Martin Block's Guard Session.

The first act of Liza Minnelli's closing night performance of THE ACT has been posted too (act 2 will be posted next week.

The Sunday Morning Specials are Maria Callas rehearsing for the legendary Dallas Concert, a set from Beverly Kenney, and more.

You'll just have to come over to Yahoo and visit to see what else is being offered...

Monday, August 23, 2010


1/21/11 – 1/22/11 The legendary voice and film archives of Judy Garland are combined with the San Diego Symphony performing live to create this remarkable concert event at Symphony Hall. Judy Garland in Concert features over two dozen of Judy’s greatest musical hits, including "The Trolley Song," "The Man That Got Away," and "Over the Rainbow."

Experience Judy Garland's dynamic life in song as she performs on multiple screens, accompanied by the orchestra in the classic repertoire and arrangements that thrilled worldwide audiences. Using breakthrough technology, this unique entertainment incorporates rare home movies, photographs and the star's own reminiscences to present a magical and timeless concert experience. Performances are on January 21 at 8:00 P.M. and January 22 at 8:00 P.M.

Doug Katsaros, Conductor

For ticketing and more information, go here:

Sunday, August 22, 2010


New audio files posted to the Yahoo version of TJGE include Keely Smith and Janis Joplin on the Ed Sullivan show, Judy performing for The Front Line Theater Company, tons of quips, revelations, and songs, from Noel Coward, Kay Thompson, and Judy, Billie Holiday having a heart to heart with Willis Connover, as well as some rare performances of her at the Apollo, an episode of the Chase And Sanborn hour which finds Charlie McCarthy falling in love with Judy after hearing her sing (but no woody jokes), another episode of Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney's early 60's radio show, and much more!


A Lavish Illustrated History of Hollywood’s Greatest Movie Studio

The book features many exclusives:
·Over 350 never before published photos and illustrations of the studio, stages and the backlot sets
(including many from Marc Wanamaker's Bison Archives)

·Never before published maps of Lot 1, Lot 2 and Lot 3 that put the photos in their proper context
and take the reader on a “ virtual” tour.

·Exclusive never published interviews with Richard Anderson and Betty Garrett and including the last interviews with Hollywood’s Master of Make-Up and long time M-G-M employee, William Tuttle and Robert Nudelman, the preservation activist who valiantly tried to save Lot 2 from demolition.

·An extensive list of the M-G-M titles that matches the films with the backlot sets utilized during their

Here is your chance to take a trip to these magical lands of make believe. It’s the perfect book for all movie lovers, serious students of film, architecture enthusiasts, and hopeless romantics. And last but not least, it’s guaranteed to reignite the childlike sense of wonder that lives in us all.

Just like the studio and it's back lot, this story was huge and needed not one, not two, but three writers to tell the story.

The talented gentlemen responsible for this book are Steve Bingen, Stephen X. Sylvester, and Michael Troyan.

Here are some raves from people lucky enough to read advance copies of the book:

“This book reflects the truth about M-G-M’S backlot. I ought to know–
I spent many hours there”

Debbie Reynolds

"Under contract for six years in twenty four films...seeing this extraordinary
new book of photos and commentary...took me and will take you on a journey where Louis B. Mayer's"More Stars Then Their Are In Heaven" acted on the magnificent grounds and sets of "M-G-M's Five Back Lots"

Richard Anderson

" For anyone who has ever dreamed what it was like to live in the Golden Age of Hollywood, this visit to my grandfather's studio will vividly re-create the experience.
From hometown USA to eightenth century France to medieval England to a village in China, the memories of all the great films that were made there will spring back to life."

Daniel Mayer Selznick

“Reading this was like being there. I know. I was there.”

Clint Eastwood

Available October 1, 2010 - Santa Monica Press

TJGE would like to thank the authors for generously allowing us to reproduce these images.


This week, over at the Yahoo version Of The Judy Garland Experience, we are featuring selections from all of Judy's Savoy Jazz Recordings.

These elegantly produced and packaged CD's, that are comprised of material from Judy's mid sixties TV series, are one of the main reasons that Judy remains a visible commodity in today's music market.
The discs, as well as the digital tracks, are available everywhere! You can buy the whole albums or single tracks at dozens of on-line mucic stores such as Itunes and Amazon, even Myspace is selling them. They are also available at major bookstores, department stores, specialty shops, and they can even be bought at Walmart! You will literally find these recordings everytwhere.

And why? Because Savoy Jazz believes in Judy Garland. And not just as a money maker, but mainly as a great musical artist.

Their reasoning for having Judy on their label, and not just on the label, but as an exquisitely presented, and lovingly featured member of the label, is simply for the prestige.

That's correct, for the prestige. Savoy Jazz is honored to have Judy Garland on their label and they treat her accordingly. Her CD's are produced as if she were Savoy Jazz' crown jewel.

Because they wanted the best for Judy, Savoy Jazz knew to hire the world's foremost expert on Judy Garland, John Fricke, to compile the music, write the text in the beautiful booklets that accompany the CD's, and pretty much oversee the general feel and tone of each CD, all under the trusting eye of Producer Josh Sherman.

The photos included in the booklets are rare and wonderful and come from the famous collections of Charles Triplett, Max Preeo, Fred McFadden, Steve Sanders, and other legendary Garland aficionado's. Digital restoration, when needed, is done with care by the talented Ranse Ransome.

And then there is the sound, the absolutely wonderful sound on these recordings.

Savoy's audio engineers have somehow taken these original mono recordings and given them a rich fullness and warmth, that combined with some magical ability to make the music sound like it was recorded on separate channels, make some of these recordings sound downright stereophonic.

And let's not forget the songs. These recordings aren't just comprised of Judy's hit's, sure they are there, but there are also dozens and dozens of some of the greatest songs of the 20th century, interpreted by one of the premier vocalist's of the 20th century.

As Judy sings on one of the Savoy Jazz CD's, who could ask for anything more?

Saturday, August 21, 2010



Not only has Judy answered all questions thrown at her, she has also predicted the future with amazing accuracy.

Isn't there anything this woman can't do?


From Funny Face to Eloise
By Sam Irvin

Publishing Date: NOVEMBER 2, 2010
Available at all major outlets

“The greatest gift my parents ever gave me was my godmother, Kay Thompson. No one was as brilliant or as funny, and Sam Irvin's book manages to capture that lightning in a bottle. Hang onto your hair!”

“Kay Thompson was the most important influence on me and my musical career. Sam Irvin's wonderful book is right on the mark. It brought back many memories of how brilliant she was and how far ahead of her time she really was. She was one of a kind.”

“Kay Thompson never ceased to amaze. It is high time someone wrote a comprehensive book about her extraordinary life and Sam Irvin has done just that. It is positively loaded with fascinating stories and details.”

“Isn’t it wonderful that Sam Irvin was able to capture this fantastic lady on paper? She was a true genius, overflowing with talent and humor which was so incredibly unique. It was my great privilege to have known her and to have loved her. She was a very special lady.”

“I couldn’t put it down! Kay Thompson’s energy leapt up off the pages and got inside me. It’s hilarious, jaw-dropping, and hugely inspiring. Sam Irvin’s magnetic writing style and his meticulous attention to detail are so powerful, I was swept aboard, like being on a train: The Atchison, Topeka, and the Santa Kay!”

“It takes a dazzlingly written book to properly capture the incandescent life of Kay Thompson. This is one of the best showbiz bio's I've ever read, meticulously researched and filled with captivating stories!”

“This informative book details Kay’s and my collaboration. Like some very special unions it produced a child: the ageless, guileless, indomitable and endearing ELOISE. Thank you Kay and especially Sam Irvin for this astounding story.”

“As sizzling, as crackling, as modern, as snarky and advanced as showbiz history can be, this biography surpasses it. You may have no idea how much the great, insane and wild woman, Kay Thompson, influenced the entertainment decades from the Forties to her death in 1998. You love celebrity? Celebrity loved Kay! A smashing work.”

“For anybody who knows anything about the history of show business, my friend Kay Thompson was its most lovable lunatic doll. In a 50-color deluxe box of Crayolas, she was fire-engine red. Sam Irvin has now preserved an authentic legend in amber with an exhaustively researched book that captures her genius, eccentricity, talent, personality and unique sense of humor in words as colorful as Kay herself. Like her own favorite word for anything special she discovered, experienced, savored and liked, it's got ‘Bazazz’!”

“Sam Irvin has given Kay Thompson the kind of biography she’s long deserved: smart, dishy, and full of fascinating show-business stories. I loved every bit of it.” – LEONARD MALTIN “Auntie Mame, Cleopatra and Madonna could all take lessons from Kay Thompson. Trying to put this outlandish, brilliant, immensely creative fireball down on paper is akin to containing lightning in a bottle but Sam Irvin has accomplished the impossible with this marvelously researched, infinitely interesting and entertaining key-hole look at one of the most accomplished but least-known fascinators in the history of show business. To borrow a word once used to describe her work, Irvin's book is Thompsensational.”

“Rollicking humor and infectious enthusiasm… An extremely entertaining chronicle of one of the most distinctive and absurdly gifted personalities in the history of show business… Hollywood director and producer Irvin presents the life of Thompson with vigor and dash befitting his larger-than-life subject.”

Here is the link to the book's website:

Sunday, August 15, 2010


New files posted at the Yahoo version of The Judy Garland Experience include memories of Abbey Lincoln, Ernestine Anderson live at Folks Park, Clifton Webb in the radio production of Mr. Belvedere Goes To College, and assorted Judy rarities recorded between May, 1938 and March, 1969.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Everybody knows the famous paisley sequined pats suit that Garland almost wore in Valley Of The Dolls, right?
here are some pics of the lesser known outfits she would have worn had she finished the film.



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