Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Dear all,

I’d like to take this brief opportunity to wish everybody a very
happy, prosperous and healthy 2010. Everybody at the International
Judy Garland Club sends you their love and best wishes for a great new

Things are looking rosy for the newly launched Club; we have had a
tremendous response to our call for membership subscriptions from all
corners of the globe. Please help us keep up the momentum by joining
up if you have not had time to do so already.

Our European contingent has expanded to include new members in
Denmark, Italy, Norway, Finland, Switzerland and Sweden. New fans from
Australia and New Zealand have joined via PayPal; we have also had
memberships from Japan and South Korea. The UK and the United States
continues to be our largest membership base – thank you to everybody
who has taken time out to join up.

Justin, our new membership secretary, is doing a sterling job;
managing a huge demand for back issues. Numerous packages have been
dispatched across the world over the past two weeks. I hope that
everybody has received their orders and are enjoying the magazines. We
will release a second batch of older Rainbow Reviews for our members
later in the year.

I know that it is a very busy time as we recover from the excesses of
Christmas and descend into January gloom; so I just wanted to remind
everybody to please join up as soon as you can. PayPal is by far the
easiest method to subscribe, and all of the relevant instructions are
available at the link below. Fans in the US can join up by sending
checks to Eleanor Lyon; her postal details will be sent to you if you
email us a request. UK fans can send checks to Justin as well (address
available on request.). Advice on alternative methods of international
payment are available on demand if you drop us an email.

Issue number one of the new magazine ‘Judy Garland – a Celebration’ is
due for release in spring. There are over 80 very rare Garland
photographs and 44 pages of excellent articles about Judy. In the
interim Justin will be publishing a PDF newsletter to all the 2010
members to date; that should go out in February.

Thanks have to go to everybody who has supported this initiative; to
John Fricke and Steve Sanders for their encouraging email support; and
to the Judy Garland Experience’s Daniel for his immense encouragement
and the recent Club competition. Welcome to all the new JGE
competition winners. We’ll be in contact shortly.

We will be finalising a print run for the new magazine in a few weeks
so please get those memberships in now. I guarantee you won’t be

Go to:


for all the information you need. Or email:


Best for now,

Gary Horrocks
Editor – Judy Garland – a Celebration




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