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NEW AUDIO FILES POSTED for the week of april 28, 2013

Homepage by Allen Morris

Here is the recap of the new files posted over at the Yahoo version of The Judy Garland Experience.
Because of space limitations there are only four titles this week.   
To access the files click HERE.

Judy Garland, Noel Coward, and an occasional Kay Thompson,  engage in a conversation for Redbook magazine, recorded  August, 1961.

A few highlights from the star studded two night event CARNEGIE HALL SALUTES JUDY GARLAND celebrating the artistry and personhood of Judy Garland. We'll make time in June to post the whole event. Maybe in 4 or 5 installments spread throughout the month. The whole shebang shouldn't be missed, too much talent, too much love...

To celebrate the first anniversary of her historic Carnegie Hall concert, Judy Garland visits with WNEW's William B. Williams at the Make Believe Ballroom. This is the internet debut of the restored version of this recording.

An extra special feature of the 1998 Carnegie Hall salute to Judy Garland was the presence of Lorna Luft on both evenings. She is heard here singing several songs from her mother's songbook at the event.

JUDY IN HOLLYWOOD the second time around

Event organizer Jan Glazier and filmmaker Frank Labrador

Earlier this month Jan Glazier threw another one of her famous Judy events. This year's extravaganza was called Judy In Hollywood 2. Here is a report on the event by TJGE member Tracy Terhune that was originally published on Yahoo and is being republished here with Tracy's permission (as well as his personal photos from the event, with additional photos supplied by Hannah Brown). 

By Tracy Terhune

I thought I would add some narrative to the wonderful photos being shared here by other members of the Judy Experience who attended the JUDY IN HOLLYWOOD. 

First off, hats off to Jan, Frankie and Steve Sanders who really were the guiding force for making behind this charming event. It was respectful that with Steve's sudden passing that the event was dedicated in his honor.

On Wednesday night we gathered at the Beverly Garland hotel for a reception-mixer. Finger food lined one side of the room and a bar tucked in to the corner. Once checked in, with Judy Garland songs floating in the air in the background, guests could mingle, find a seat and soon the program was under way. We had wonderful videos provided by Richard Glazier who interviewed Gene Allan who had worked on A Star Is Born as production designer. He is naturally a bit elderly and once referred to A Star Is Born as My Fair Lady. Also was a very funny Punchy Players Judy- Ann Miller video that had been created and tailored to our Judy In Hollywood festival. Too funny. It's now available for viewing on Youtube. Check it out, if you haven't already.

We had a guest speaker Robert L. Freedman, who had written the TV script "Me & My Shadows; Life With Judy Garland". He talked at length about his involvement and how he had to compress components of various members of her life into one person.

He said he never went to the set during shooting (It was filmed in Canada) He then ended his segment with a 

I had brought two costumes for display that I had purchased from auction that had been worn/used in the movie. The 1969 wedding dress and the off-camera OZ jumper. They made a nice backdrop for Mr. Freedman's talk.

Original costumes from Me And My Shadows

With a knock on the door it opened and who was there to start our festivities off – feeling a song coming on? …in walked Peter Mac who does a Judy Garland impersonation act. While I admit these things are usually not my cup of tea…, I rather enjoyed his songs and banter. To me, he sounded nothing like Judy but had some of her mannerisms and vocal inflections, It was all done in good taste and good fun. Peter had made up special printed cards just for our event. He scheduled a special show on Friday night, after hours.

Is Joan Beck Coulson asking Peter Mac if he accepts credit cards?
Film at eleven.

On Thursday morning everyone met to get on the bus to be transported to the Warner Bros VIP Tour. The Warner Bros lot is postage stamp size compared to where I work (Universal) but it still had a lot of Judy connections from A Star Is Born which I was anxious to see. Our guide, Rance was openly vocal how pleased that he had a crowd that loved `old Hollywood' rather than what his usual tour guests who considered Dukes of Hazard old Hollywood!! He made it a point to show us the remaining structures on the Warner Bros lot that are associated with Judy Garland.
First stop: the Theater on their NY street that can be seen as Norman escorts Esther and he sees the marquee with one of his pictures and he assures Esther she's in luck that his picture is so bad….

We posed for our first group photo under the empty marquee. We were shown other things that were non-Judy and the next one was the walk over bridge between buildings that is seen in the film, if I recall in the part where she's being taken to all the departments upon her signup.
We were also shown the location of where the artist payroll scene where she gets her name changed to Vicki Lester.

That actual building is now gone, but the camera pans around as she walks off with her check, and the surrounding area is all still there intact. 

Next up on our Judy sites was Norman Maine's bungalow. It looked very much like it did in the film and we got to walk right up to it and take as many photos as we liked.

We then went to the property department which was impressive as they have exhibits of furniture from famous films with stills there to show you how it looked. We were shown a couple of what looked like Chinese style boxes that he said were used in Norman Maine's bedroom scene.

Our last Judy spot on the tour got a bit derailed as someone was shooting a scene exactly where our guide wanted us to be. This was the walkway scene where Judy exits the makeup session and passes Norman and he doesn't recognize her. It's still there and looks exactly the same. Sadly, due to the filming, we had to view it from the opposite angle that was used in the film, but it was instantly identifiable to me.

This concluded our Judy @ Warner Bros Tour, and we boarded the bus and were whisked down to Hollywood Blvd for lunch at the famous Musso's & Franks restaurant. After lunch this concluded the day's events and everyone was on their own for what they wanted to do for the evening.

Part 2

The morning started off for an all day session @ The Hollywood Heritage Museum.  
Its a fabulous historic building which was used by Cecil B. DeMille when he came to Hollywood to shoot the 1st feature length film done in Hollywood.  It sat on the Paramount lot for almost 80 years until it was moved to across the street from the Hollywood Bowl.  Its been turned into a museum on the early origins of Hollywood, but today it would be Judy Garland Central - as everyone gathered for the days festivities.   Large "Judy In Hollywood"  posters were placed about the museum including a laminated one which everyone was encouraged to sign.

To start the day Tom Barnes kindly brought his 16mm projector and provided us with his private print of one of Judy's concert episodes of the TV series.  He introduced the film and set the tone of the day by mentioning that Steve Sanders had asked him to show this print to start our days events.  I wondered how receptive everyone would be as most of us have seen the show many times.  As in all things Judy, it was magical!  Projected on a large screen a room with all the Bench Wenches & 2 Bench Dudes, and all the JIH attendees, and the memory of Steve in the air, there was an undeniable electricity. 
Next up was the Kay Thompson author Sam Irvin who spoke at length about the history of Kay and his new book that he was promoting.  He spoke a really long time, and in my opinion this segment was my least favorite presentation of the weekend.  He certainly knew his subject and I don't mean  to imply otherwise.  Yes Kay and Judy were associates but his talk really did not go much into Judy at all, however at the conclusion of his talk he did show a brief slide show that had several shots that included Judy as well as Liza.

Right after his talk Mr. Irvin was signing books in the lobby and people were "milling about" I noticed an older couple standing in the back against the wall.  I walked up and introduced myself, fearing they had wandered into the museum thinking it was a normal operating day, and were lost.  It turns out it was Mr. and Mrs Christopher Finch!  the famed author of "Rainbow"  I enjoyed talking with him very much and hearing his stories of his research and people he had interviewed such as Tom Drake who's name came up in our conversation.  I had brought my copy of the book for him to sign and I grabbed Frank Labrador to take our photo.  He mentioned his wife Linda had assisted him in doing research on the book and he gave her credit for the book even though his name was on the cover. 

Tracy Terhune and Christopher Finch

It was then announced that a caravan of cars would dash everyone across the street to a backstage tour of the famed Hollywood Bowl.  Of course we all know Judy's historic concert there, so there was no pleading with people this time, to "hurry up"  they were ready!

   I myself have been there many times so I decided to stay at the Barn and I am sure glad I did! 
With the Museum mostly empty I noted the Bench Wenches and Dudes standing around talking and I walked over and had a wonderful 35 min one -on- one with them asking questions, getting to hear in person their stories first hand. What a thrill!  This was my first time to meet Margo Slaughter, Ken Young, and Norman Chramoff. 

Judy's bench warmers. Two of the original Bench Wenches, Eleanor Lyon and Margot Slaughter, pose with their beloved Bench Dudes Norman Charmoff and Ken Young.

   Norman even told me his personal story of being in NYC when Judy died in 1969 and how he had gotten in the long line at Campbell's to walk past Judy's bier 3 times, that is how much she meant to him.   You cant put a price on stories like this.   Margo was so thrilled when I asked her about when I watch the shows I am always amazed at the lack of applause.  I called it 'polite applause' at best, in most cases.  She said she was so glad I brought that up, that the studio would pack the one section with VIP guests who were given tickets for one reason or another but had no more than a passing interest in Judy.  She had noticed this even in 1963.  Well, I got that question answered!  I had always wondered about that.

By this time everyone returned and Jan introduced Christopher Finch, who talked about the book, "Rainbow" and recalled marvelous stories including one about going to Fred Astaire's home to interview him and how Fred sort of blew him off politely, saying he 'lived in the present'... and Mr. Finch got up and politely said "Mr. Astaire, I fear I have been wasting your time...." and got up to leave, and Fred Astaire leapt up and apologized and sat down and told his whole Judy story.  That was just one little chestnut he shared with us in his talk.  He later opened it up to a Q&A
Then everyone waited in excitement as Frank Labrador took to the podium to introduce his 'work in progress' documentary on the Judy Garland Show.  This year being the 50th anniversary of the launch, he told us Steve Sanders had given him access to his original audio recordings of the interviews he conducted in preparation for his book Rainbows End.   The lights were dimmed and the documentary unfolded.  What a masterpiece!  I kept thinking oh, how proud Steve would be of Frankie's work.   Frank has shown his skills time and again with his editing, but truly this was his finest hour.   He had mined several private photo collections for rare behind the scenes shots, most I had never seen.  All this was combined with voice overlays of those Steve interviewed such as Jayne Meadows and Steve Allan, and so many more I cant recall now.  I can tell you his video was given a standing ovation at the conclusion and that included all the bench wenches and dudes and George Sunga who was in attendance. He was production supervisor for the show.

After a brief break we were summoned back to our seats for the final segment of the (now) evening.  "Tribute To Steve Sanders" started off with a wonderful 4 minute film lovingly done by a former room-mate of Steve's and who is an editor himself. Sorry, but his name escapes me at the moment.  After his touching video, he shared his memories of Steve and was visibly moved.   Frankie had previously selected a number of people to read messages for friends of Steve who could not be in attendance.  First up was Randy Henderson who shared a very heartfelt  piece submitted by Judy Experience Founder Daniel Berghaus.  Randy then spoke on his own behalf touching on knowing Steve for almost 35 years and mentioned the Sid Luft 'A Star Is Born" screening Steve had arranged, which turned out to be Sid's last pubic appearance.  Others speaking on behalf of Steve Sanders included the wonderful, delightful Joan Coulson.  Joan had attended the first show taping @ CBS when she worked there.  She also had attended several of Judy's London concerts. 
She read a passage from Gary Horrocks and then from her own heart.  Very moving.  Tears were in everyone's eyes, this was such an emotional day!  Then Ruth Turner spoke so passionately about interacting with Steve and recalled him visiting her and her husband Robert in their home.  I was last to speak (hopefully not least) and I read a piece submitted by respected collector Charles Triplett.  Charles shared his memories with Steve which he included both of their mothers were named Margaret!  Then I read my own remarks on Steve, who meant so much to me.  In fact his last message to me was thanking me for getting use of the Museum for the Judy In Hollywood event and that he would be in town a few extra days after, and we could have 1 on 1 time.  My remarks about Steve:
I find it hard to put into words - my feelings about him.  I dearly loved Steve. I thought the world of him.  Friends of his caliber are a treasured breed. Steve was without a doubt one of the funniest guys I have ever met. What a wit, what a turn of phrase!!   With his death, what a tremendous void has been inflicted upon the Judy Garland community. Yes, we've lost one of our own. Coyne Steven Sanders is a iconic example of the impact of one man .  Of the difference one man can make in the world.  What If he had not lived?  There would be no Rainbows End.  Can you even fathom that book not being on your bookshelf in your arsenal of Judy Garland books? 
When my dog Bosco passed away a couple years ago, Steve reached out to me, sending me an email saying "I will pray for you and him.... he will be waiting for you....I don't care what any church says... my cat Spike will be up in heaven when I get there waiting for me, and Bosco will be waiting for you... I just know it."
Today we gather here to remember the gift of his life -  both professional and private. Our grief is beyond words..... yet I still find myself trying to grasp the right ones.   Yes, Steve, I will miss the extended telephone calls, Steve I will miss our Judy Parties, Steve, I will miss the restaurant adventures... I will miss the laughter you brought about. IT WAS YOU. Its with great sadness. that I stand here today to say farewell to a wonderful, friend.  Steve - "I just know it" that you have Spike in your lap at this very moment as you look down in approval.  I will always be a part of your life, and you a part of mine.   I will remember you.... always.

This concluded the days events.   That night several went to the club "Oil Can Harry's" to see Peter Mac do his Judy Garland show. 

The scene at Oil Can Harry's.

Glamorous Hannah Brown and dashing Tom Early 
are enjoying their night at Oil Can Harry's.

Peter Mac and Eleanor Lyon share a post show moment.

SATURDAY; CBS, and Matteo's coming soon.

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Liza Minnelli brought her youngest sister, Tina Nina Minnelli, to walk the red carpet with her at the recent Chaplin Award Gala honoring Barbra Streisand.


Jaycub Howard's April offering for the Judy Garland Album Of The Month series is an exquisitely crafted and romantic nod to the legendary film pairings of Judy Garland and Gene Kelly. The soundtrack is from Judy Garland Second Souvenir Album, released by Decca Records in May, 1943. The album had several singles from it make it up the Hit Parade, the most successful being That Old Black Magic backed with Poor Little Rich Girl. Lyricist Johnny Mercer later confessed that he not only wrote That Old Black Magic for Judy Garland, but about her. Turns out his lifelong unrequited love for her was a muse for some of his greatest works.
Enjoy the video, it's one of Jaycub's best.

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NEW FILES POSTED TO THE YAHOO GROUP for the week of April 21, 2013

Homepage image by Allen Morris

Here is the rundown of the new audio files posted to the Yahoo group for this week.
To access the files please click HERE.

Judy doesn't want to hear it. So talk to the hand because the face doesn't understand.

Remembering Linda McCartney. Bless her heart, she tried.

Danny Kaye and Tallulah Bankhead are having trust issues.

Dinah Washington direct from the 1963 Michigan State Fair.

Starring that 13 year old singing sensation Judy Garland, and others.

JUdy Garland is the special guest on Bing Crosby's radio show.
Originally broadcast on October 5, 1949.

On August 31, 1967 Judy Garland gave a valentine to the people of Boston when she performed a free concert to an audience of over one hundred thousand people on the Boston Common.
This recording is a wonderful testement to the love shared between Judy and her fans.

Presents Charles Boyer and Madeleine Carroll in The Ghost And Mrs Muir.
Originally broadcast in 1947.

It's Rite Moreno live at Clinton's.

Sizzling live sessions from the Andrews Sisters.

Damita Jo at The Diplomat.

Homepage image by Allen Morris

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Judy Garland on stage at the El Patio night club in Mexico City, 1966.

Photos courtesy of Sarah W. from our Facebook group.

To join our Facebook group click on this LINK.

To visit (and hopefully "like") our Facebook page click HERE.

You might also like to join the Mothership on Yahoo, home to Judy's rarest recordings.

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NEW AUDIO FILES POSTED for the week of April 14, 2013

Homepage by Allen Morris

Here is the rundown for this week's new audio files posted to the Yahoo version of The Judy Garland Experience. You may notice that this week's programming is Billie Holiday heavy, that's because last week we failed to note that it was Billie's birthday, and since Judy said that Lady Day was one of her favorites we decided to go all out in her honor this week.

To access the files click  HERE.

A classic no matter when she sang it. Here is the 1955 incarnation.

"America Can't Stand Pat" The Kennedy/Nixon debate, 1960.

Judy Garland, along with Howard Keel, Ruth Roman, and Don DeFore appear on the Herb Lyons show, September, 1967.

With Helen O'Connell and special guest Miss Judy Garland.

A patient, and sometimes bemused, Billie Holiday is interviewed by obsessive record collectors from San Francisco and New York City,

(As you will hear) when Billie Holiday appeared on the Tonight Show in the late 50's she gave Skitch Henderson and the boys a kick in the pants and got them to swing a little.

Due to unforseen forces we were unable to bring you Lorna Luft on the At Large program as promised.
Instead, please enjoy the soothing and understanding tones of Ray Eberle.

Judy appears on Al Jolson's Karaft Music Hall. September 30, 1948. Also heard are Oscar Levant and Ken Carpenter.

Judy Garland at JFK Stadium, July 20, 1968. With Count Basie and members of his orchestra.
The original soundboard soundboard master and a first generation bootleg recording were utilized  to bring you the best ever copy of this concert!

Billie sings one of her own compositions live at Carnegie Hall, 1947.

Billie Holiday: Oddities and rarities from the 50's.

Billie Holiday at The Metropolitan Opera House, 1944.

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This past Sunday TJGE was amiss in not recognizing the 98th anniversary of the birth of one of Judy Garland's favorite singers, the great Lady Day, Billie Holiday.
To make up for this faux pas, this weekend we will be featuring some of her rarer recordings over at the Yahoo group.

We will also be featuring the original master recording of Judy's 1968 JFK Stadium concert (Internet debut for this original source soundboard recording). The album  version of the concert that was released used this recording as it's master...and whoever balanced the album for it's release unfortunately created a somewhat lesser aural experience. 
 This raw version isn't perfect but it seems clearer than the LP and it's non manipulated sound gives a clearer representation of what the concert sounded like. 

And our weekly A Moment In Time folder will contain Lorna Luft's mid 70's appearance on the At Large program.

And much, much more!

Sorry for not posting the regular new files recap this week. Lots of good stuff, just go to the Yahoo group and find out what it is :)

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This Spring there are several lectures about Judy Garland being planned across the country.
Here is a sampling of a few of the more important lectures and musical events that will be taking place. This list is a work in progress so if you have any Garland events scheduled for this summer let us know at and we will see about including your event in this listing.

A Robert Wyatt Lecture.
Spanning forty-five years of achievement with vaudeville, films, TV specials and voluminous concert extravaganzas, Judy Garland thrilled audiences who adored her stunning intellect. Film clips will be abundant, starting with The Broadway Melody of 1938, the following year’s gems, The Wizard of Oz and Babes in Arms, and moving through 1944 blockbuster Meet Me in St. Louis, The Harvey Girls, Cole Porter’s gem-ridden The Pirate of 1948 and the sizzling A Star is Born, the 1954 masterwork which became her last bravura film.

When: May 4, 2013
Time: 10:00 A.M.
Location: Highfield Hall
56 Highfield Drive
Falmouth, MA

Phone: 508-495- 1878 ext 2

Fred Miller-A Lecture In Song
Judy Garland was a doe eyed, ordinary looking American girl with a genius for singing.
No one ever entranced an audience as she did over the 15 years she was MGM's leading lady
and thereafter, when she proved herself to be arguably the world's most electrifying live
concert performer.

Born In A Trunk as she recounted so memorably in A Star Is Born, Garland was the
ultimate "show business baby."

Few performers created the infectous kinship with a live audience that she did, and her place
in our collective memory has taken on full blown cult status. 
This lecture in song on Judy Garland pays full tribute to this alternately fragile and overwhelming
performer-the endearing, enduring waif who continues to eclipse all the competition.

When: May 17, 2013
Time: 6:30 P.M.
Location: McAuley Community Arts Center
900 Lakewood Ave
Lakewood, NJ
Cost: $37.00 per person, includes a multi-coursde dinner and presentation.
Limited seating, reservations required.

Phone: 732-987-2285

Featuring Rob Dorn and Laura Freeman
Two of Chicago's premiere cabaret vocalists, Rob Dorn and Laura Freeman perform in “The Judy Garland Duets.” Join this musical tour-de-force as they pay tribute to one of the top entertainers of the twentieth century and her famous duets with such luminaries as Bing Crosby, Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, the one and only Mickey Rooney and many others. Not only is this a retrospective of Garland's career, but of classic, nostalgic Hollywood.

When: June 9, 2013
Time: 2:00 P.M.
Location: Hoagland Center For The Arts
420 South 6th Street
Springfield, IL

Phone: 217-523-2787

A lecture by Marc Courtade
Fred Astaire called Judy Garland “The greatest entertainer who ever lived.” Her career began as a child performer in vaudeville, leading to one of the most highly-regarded careers in film musicals. Her later triumphs included legendary concerts and television specials. Her untimely death cannot diminish the memory of her talent and the joy she still brings to millions. There is Garland and there is everybody else.

When: July 24, 2013
Time: 12:00 P.M.
Location: 92Y Tribeca
200 Hudson Street
New York, NY

                                                                Phone: 516-299-2274

A performance By Gregoire Aubert

There is a mystery about Judy Garland, the way she lived, the way she died and, more than forty years after her death, she remains an icon to a very diverse audience. I’ve been fascinated by Garland since 2007. Of course I cherished ‘The Wizard of Oz’ when I was a child, of course I cried when I first saw ‘A Star is Born’ but only recently did I discover the magnitude of Judy Garland’s career, the ups and downs of her private and public lives, her amazing tenacity and the incredible human being she was…
So, I decided to make a show, a tribute for the fortieth anniversary of her death in 2009. It was like a sketch, a first attempt to know and make other people know about Judy. I portrayed a fan in his bedroom, making up, imitating her and singing in memory of her… Then, I think I got caught by Garland, probably because I could express myself through her, and I decided to make a second show, this time as Judy Garland, in 2010. There would be no other role than Judy herself, the show was following the path from her birth to her death and was intertwined with songs and quotes from people who knew her…
“A monumental biographical tribute to a monumental biographical woman…”
And, here we are, in 2013 with a THIRD show! I have found out I still have the necessity to talk about/through Judy. This show focuses on her attempts to write her memoirs. Set as a press conference in a hotel, the lovely New Steine Hotel, Judy reveals herself, her childhood in Vaudeville, how she became addicted to amphetamines and sleeping pills at the age of fourteen, her career at MGM, the concert years, her rebirth after an almost fatal illness, her TV series and the last years of errand, sublime successes and tragic failures. The main line of the press conference gets diverted when flash backs, intimate recordings, songs and scenes from her films start to interfere… Behind the “so-called-Legend” will be shown the clever, unsure, hilarious Woman and Artist.

  1. When: May 2-June 2, 2013
  2. Time: Times vary depending on the day of the week. Please check poster or venue.
  3. Location: Brighton Fringe Festival 2013
  4. New Steine Hotel, 10 New Steine, Brighton 

    Phone: 01273 681546 / 695415

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Columnist Maxine Messenger greets newlyweds Judy Garland and Mark Herron as they arrive in Houston (12/14/65) for Judy 's upcoming concert at the Astrodome.

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NEW FILES POSTED TO THE YAHOO GROUP for the week ofapril 1, 2013

Homepage: Allen Morris

Here is the rundown of the new audio files posted to the Yahoo version of The Judy Garland Experience.
To access the files please click HERE.

Judy tries out a Fred Astaire standard.

Liza Minnelli shares memories of Judy Garland on Mike Wallace's At Large program, 1974.
Judy Garland plays host to Woody Herman, Kenny Baker, Virginia O'Brien, John Charles Thomas. Originally broadcast on March 20, 1943.
Stevie Wonder inadvertently runs circles around Diana Ross.
Judy teases her audiences and leaves history disappointed.
Judy at the Palladium, 1951 (the only concert I could think of where she sang Easter Parade).
Presents JUDY GARLAND and FRED ASTAIRE with Monica Lewis and Peter Lawford in the 1951 radio adaptation of EASTER PARADE. Originally broadcast on March 22, 1951.
Mildred Bailey on Woody Herman's radio show. Broadcast live from Troy, New York, February 8, 1946.
Nat King Cole live in concert down by the Riverside, 1963.
Jeri Southern sings (and plays) selections from the Judy Garland songbook.



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