Monday, February 1, 2010

Exciting News Regarding The International Judy Garland Club

Just wanted everyone to know that I have recently heard from Gary Horrocks that
the next issue of the fan club magazine will most likely be in our hot little
hands come March.
If it is anything like the Gary Horrocks productions of years past it will be
well worth the wait.

If you are not yet a member of the club you might want to consider joining ASAP to
make sure that you receive a copy of what promises to be the most exciting club
publication ever.

It has never been easier to join the club. You can do so via Paypal or by check
or Money order to the U.S., Australian, and British reps.

Here are some links:

Follow these links to get instructions on how to pay via paypal or via one of
the Reps:

Also, you can this follow this link if you need to contact the club directly:

Please join quickly, as I don't want to see any long faces when the rest of us
are swooning over our new Judy Mags.....



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