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Garland In A Minor Key

Garland in a minor key
By Steven J. Sanders

This review is for: Judy Garland: The Other Side Of The Rainbow by Michael Freedland

This is one of the most poorly written and researched Garland biographies. I
started reading with great trepedation, due to snippets I'd read previously. The
author has no real sense of Judy Garland, and is devoid of any perspective or
insight. What's more, his work is strewn with inaccuracies, false dates,
misspellings and wrong-headed conclusions. It seems when he has an interview
subject at hand (or the offspring of a deceased person who was actually present
for whatever incident he is discussing), he gives the incidient inordinate
importance and an excess number of pages in the book. As a primarly exmaple, his
far too lengthy 'coverage' of Judy's controversial Town & County nightclub
engagement goes on for dozens of pages when a concise two pages would have
sufficied. An author doesn't necessarily have to have a passion for the subject,
but at least enough interest to delve beneath the surface, and at least make an
attempt for the book's primary subject to come alive on the page and present
facts (not merely wrong-headed conjecture). This book offers no real insight
into Garland, and presents no more than a one-note portrait of a complex,
vibrant, complicated and sometimes troubled mega-talent. He never scratches
beneath the surface and, by the end of the book, you know less about Judy
Garland than you did before you started. It's a book filled with info culled
from clippings, interviews with sometimes fascinating people but his pedantic
approach to the subject and his lack of knowledge in knowing what to ask beneath
the obvious presents a third-rate book. While the book doesn't do Judy justice,
it hopefully is such a slapdash, minor work that it will be forgotten as soon as
the last page is read. The author had a solid opportunity to present a fresh
biography of a hugely talented and complicated and conflicted woman, but fails
to deliver on all counts. It's an empty, unsatisfactory biography and not at all
worthy of Judy Garland. My greatest surprise is that he got a book deal for this
pedantic, poorly written and researched biography. If nothing else, it proves
the enduring appeal of Judy Garland -- something the author fails to understand
or impart to the reader on any level. As a disclaimer, I must acknowledge that
I'm the author of "Rainbow's End: The Judy Garland Show."

Garland In A Minor Key published here courtesy of Steven Sanders.


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Apparently Everybody Loves Oz

The comedy actor Jack Black is currently starring in a new family movie Gulliver’s Travels, a big screen adaptation of Jonathan Swift’s celebrated 18th-century novel.

Jack has revealed he is a huge fan of family films, adding the classic 1939 movie about a young girl called Dorothy - played by Judy Garland - who wakes up in the Land of Oz, pleases him like no other.

“My favourite? Well obviously The Wizard of Oz,” he told Cover Media at a press conference for his latest movie.

The 41-year-old star went on to talk about actors who have inspired him during his career. Jack says Gene Wilder’s acerbic delivery of the title character in 1971’s Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory thrills him.

“That’s probably my favourite performance in a kids’ film,” he explained. “What’s that guy’s name? Gene Wilder. Because he had that insane intensity along with his comedy.”

Oringinal source for this article:

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Judy And Liza: The Musical

TICKETS are now on sale for two special performances of Judy and Liza, which comes to Southport Theatre next year.

Almost five decades after the ultimate showbiz mother Judy Garland and her daughter Liza Minnelli last performed together at the London Palladium, these two legendary songstresses will return to the stage thanks to this brand new production, presented by JL Touring Productions.

Treat the special ladies in your life to a Mothers’ Day they’ll never forget with a visit to this brand new musical experience, which received standing ovations and great acclaim from both audiences and the press alike at its preview season in Liverpool in November this year.

These two extra-ordinary women of are portrayed by West End stars Emma Dears (Jesus Christ Superstar, Miss Saigon) and Lucy Williamson (We Will Rock You, Fame and most recently played the lead role of Mavis in the UK No1 tour of Stepping Out).

Images and footage of Judy, Liza and those closest to them form the backdrop to the show, whilst Emma, as Liza and Lucy, playing Judy, tell the sensational stories of the lives of these world famous artistes, featuring live performances of all of your favourite Judy and Liza hits including Cabaret, Maybe This Time and The Man That Got Away
Emma and Lucy will be backed by a five-piece band, providing the perfect setting for the songs of Judy and Liza.

Judy and Liza is a dream that Emma Dears has had for a number of years. Emma has created the concept, written the script and also performs as Liza in the show.

She said: “When I wrote Judy and Liza it was the mother/daughter relationship that fascinated me, especially as they share a rare ability to move their audience.

“When you look deeper into the songs which they have both made famous over the years the parallels with their own life experiences are uncanny.

“This is why ‘Judy and Liza’ works and why the audience will be taken on an emotional rollercoaster whilst at the same time enjoying some of the most beautiful and familiar songs of the last eighty years. It really is the perfect way to spend Mothers Day”

The Judy and Liza show comes to Southport Theatre on Sunday, April 3 at 4pm, preshow meals are available.

For tickets call 0870 145 1178 or visit

Article by Janine Yaqoob originally appeared in the Sothport Visiter (sic):



Tuesday, December 21, 2010



New files posted to the Yahoo group include Judy's appearances on The Bob Hope Christmas Show and The Elgin Christmas Show, a live set from Nat King Cole, Judy singing up a storm on the Perry Como show, as well as performing comedy with Bill Cosby, Helen Merrill taking a crack at some Garland Standards, Judy's complete 1951 Christmas Day performance as Dorothy in The Wizard Of Oz. This time around Judy sings Over The Rainbow twice!
Also posted is a set freom Diahann Carroll recorded live at the Plaza, Liza Minnelli and Tony Bennet singing a special Holiday Medley, Musical Highlights from Judy's 1963 Christmas show featuring her children, Jack Jones, and Mel Torme, our Duet Of The Week featuring the meeting of Ronnie Spector and Darlene Love, another episode of 1960's the Bing And Rosie show, and much more!

Photograph of Judy Garland courtesy of Charles Triplett.



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An Expanded View

Here is a wider shot of a familiar photograph of Judy Garland singing The Battle Hymn Of The Republic in honor of the recently slain President John F. Kennedy.


There are a lot of performers who try to impersonate Judy Garland, but very few get it right. Somebody who does get it right, and just oozes with the Judy vibe is the great Connie Champagne.
Connie will be bringing her Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas show to San Francisco's Rrazz Room on December 20, and 21st. Joining her on both nights will be some very special and seasonal appropriate guests.

This event is not to be missed!

Monday and Tuesday, December 20th & 21st, 8:00 pm
Tickets: $30. Two Drink Minimum
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas and CD Release Party!
What’s Christmas without Judy Garland? Come celebrate the Holidays the Garland-way, with an evening of holiday songs, special guests and Santa Claus – in the spirit of Judy’s 1963 television special. With special guests: Tom Orr (as Santa), Mark Sargent (as Ethel Merman), the infamous Heklina (as Liza, 12/20), and Keith Carames (as Liza, 12/21).

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One of the collector's over at the Yahoo version of TJGE had this to say about the photo:
"I believe this was taken June 9, 1950 at MGM, where she was doing rehearsals for ROYAL WEDDING. This shot is from a party at the studio for her birthday [held a day early]. John has a couple of other shots from it in his Art & Anecdote book. You don't often see shots of Gene without his rug!"

Rare, 50's portrait

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Lorna Luft And Carol Channing "Sparkle" in Palm Springs.

Last night Lorna Luft starred with Carol Channing in the SPARKLE event at the Palm Springs Riviera.

Hosted by the television personality, and this century's Toastmaster General, Scott Nevins, the event also featured some of the brightest stars of Broadway and television. Pictured here along with Lorna, Carol, and Scott are, Erin Quill, Max Von Essen, Jenna Leigh Green, Ginifer King, and Bobby Steggart.

Not pictured here, but integral ingredients to the show were Shayna Steele, Jen Malenke, and Julie Garye.

The evening was such a success (six standing ovations, count 'em, six) it will now become an annual event.

All proceeds go to The Christmas Foundation, an organization designed to benefit disadvantaged children, as well as children infected and affected by HIV.

Photos courtesy of Chill Kong, not Erin Quill as credited on the actual images..



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