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ThIS picture of Judy and Leonard Bernstein was taken "backstage" at NYC's Americana Hotel in May 1966, on the occasion of the Judy Holliday memorial/benefit dinner. Proceeds went to a cancer hospital in -- I believe -- Denver; Holliday had passed away the previous summer.On a bill that included Bobby Kennedy as keynote speaker, Jule Styne conducting the overture of his songs from the Holliday vehicle BELLS ARE RINGING, and performances by BELLS lyricists/libretists Comden & Green, Carol Channing, Alan King, and others, "our" Judy was the showstopper of the night. She sang "When You're Smiling," "Rock-a-Bye," "Just in Time," and "The Party's Over" (the latter two were among Holliday's numbers in BELLS). After an ovation brought her back, she did "Judy's Olio" ("You Made Me Love You," etc.) and "Rainbow." (All of this per accounts by Nancy Barr and Jenny Wheeler at the time.)Her forest-green floor length gown was designed by Howard (PRESENTING LILY MARS) Shoup. And there's a raft of press photos of Judy with Comden and Green, King, columnists Earl Wilson and Leonard Lyons, and etc., taken in the same area as the picture of Garland and Bernstein.

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I might well be mistaken, but I think Judy's dress is that from TJGS, episode #21...Judy wearing it to intro Mel Torme and then, with him, do "special material" based on "The Trolley Song." If this is true, then the designers are Ray Agayhan and Bob Mackie. I think, not sure, that Shoup designed Judy's wardrobe for only one MGM film, "Lily Mars" and later created her wardrobe for her '62 special.



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