Saturday, December 12, 2009


Because of the great generosity of the wonderful Gary Horrocks, the Yahoo version of TJGE will be giving away an additional three memberships to the London based International Judy Garland Club as part of next week's anniversary festivities.
Gary has even donated a vintage special edition of the legendary Rainbow Review that I am sure some lucky recipient will treasure forever (see photo above).

Since Gary is being so generous, I am going to hold off on the membership that I was going to give away, but add another one to it, and use them both as prizes for another contest during the upcoming holidays.

So, in total we will be giving away five club memberships, a classic special edition of the Rainbow Review, and a copy of TJGE Swag Bag!
Not a bad bag 'o prizes, eh?

Follow this link to join Yahoo's TJGE and get a chance to win these great prizes:

More details on how to win the first two prize membership will be posted at the Yahoo group late this evening.

But please, if you are not yet a member of the internationalTHE JUDY GARLAND CLUB, run, hop, jump, crawl over to Paypal and become one now. Don't wait to win a membership, show your support of Judy and her sanctioned international club by buying a memebership.
If are already a member and you should be fortunate enough to win a prize membership, pay it forward and gift it upon someone and spread the Judy message.

The club, more than anything, anyplace, or anyone, is what brings all the many and varied Judy fans together in unity. It is a truly wonderful organization to be a part of. You won't regret joining.

Here are some links that will lead you to more information about the club, how to join it, the fair and reasonable prices, and the many ways to make your payment (I would suggest paying via Paypal, it is the most direct and easiest method).

If you are in the USA and wish to pay buy check you can contact the clubs US Rep
elyon56456@aol. com

If you are outside of the USA and wish to pay by means other than paypal or
credit card, please contact the club directly at:
judygarlandclub@ googlemail. com

To view, download, or print, the clubs beautiful club member information letter,
which gives information on how to join via paypal and credit card, go to our
group's blog:
http://thejudygarla ndexperience. blogspot. com/

You can also view, print, and download the document at The Judy Room:
http://www.thejudyr html#jgclubnew

Big thanks, and a round of applause, to Gary and Justin for their generosity to TJGE on behalf The Judy Garland Club.
They both deserve the title of "Mr. Wonderful."

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