Saturday, May 26, 2012


                    Inspiring, beautiful, moving, passionate, loving....

Words we could use to describe Judy Garland.  However, these attributes also comes to mind when I read your submissions for the "Judy Garland 90th Birthday Commemorative Video".  I wanted to send a collective THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed so far.  And we're hoping to receive many more submissions in the next week.

People have asked what we are looking for.  You can share something as simple as a "Happy Birthday" wish on video...or share something more creative like poetry or original artwork.  If you like something more specific, you can answer the question (on video or audio), "If Judy Garland was alive and she was sitting in front of you, what would you say to her or what would you thank her for?"  Or if you had the privilege of seeing Judy perform live in concert, share your memories about that.  In other words, it's your opportunity to express from the heart what Judy Garland's legacy personally means to you.  With most smart phones and computers today having the capability to record video and/or audio, we highly encourage the submission be in video or audio format.  However, any type of digital format would be gladly accepted

Please send your submissions to us no later than Sunday, June 3rd to   If you have any further questions, feel free to send us an email at that same email address.  Please remember because of time restraints, submissions may have to be edited or only a portion of it used in the video.  But the producers promise to respect the integrity of all submitted work.

Thanks and have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

Frankie Labrador
Labrador Productions

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