Sunday, September 30, 2012


arrived like a welcome cup of hot cider on a crisp autumn evening. 

At first glance the magazine is a visual delight, with a stylish design and layout, and then you find that it is filled with a bounty of rare photos of Judy at work, at play, and at home in 1960. 

In fact, 1960 is the theme of this utterly charming issue.

Included are two major essays on this remarkable year in Judy Garland's life.

Publisher and editor Gary Horrocks guides us through one of Judy's most pivotal years with an insightful and scholarly look at this amazing period of transcendence and rebirth. While longtime Garland fan and associate, Lorna Smith, takes a decidedly up close and personal slant as she recounts spending time with Judy in 1960, as well as attending Garland recording sessions and performances.

Regular issues of JUDY GARLAND A CELEBRATION, as well as newsletters, are included with your membership in the international Judy Garland fan club.
To visit their user friendly site, and to learn more about the club, click HERE.

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