Tuesday, June 15, 2010


My Judy Garland Life, now in paperback, is a special and unusual book: sentimental, charming, dear and caring.
This is a memoir that begins with the writer as a little girl, and the enormous love she has for a woman that died the year she was born, Judy Garland. The story of Boyt’s inner travels to the nucleus of this love that has been with her from the start, as a star-struck youngster, as student, young woman, wife, mother, author.
Ms. Boyt takes us on the journey of her years and her travels on a holy pilgrimage. The reader travels to Carnegie Hall for a Judy Garland tribute concert by Rufus Wainwright, to the little mews house where she died, to the hallowed ground of Garland's final resting place and to a festival that celebrates Garland’s birthday in her home town of Grand Rapids, Minnesota. While at the festival, Boyt visits the childhood home and grave of Garland and says a quick prayer for her.
We are taken to visits with Liza Minnelli, Mickey Rooney and others who knew Garland.
A few of the many glorious reviews for My Judy Garland Life:

"I couldn’t put down Susie Boyt’s quirkily brilliant My Judy Garland Life." Elaina Richardson, O, Oprah Magazine

"Never mind that Ms. Garland died when Ms. Boyt was 5 months old; My Judy Garland Life runs on whimsy that is utterly idiosyncratic." New York Times

"A joy to read" The Financial Times

"This wonderfully clever book gives whole self, flings its arms out in a rainy street like a wonderful diva. Brava." Ali Smith, The Times

"An extraordinary book…just glorious" Joseph O’Neill, Guardian, Books of the Year

Boyt’s self-examination and her reminisces make this not only an enjoyable read but a wonderful gift, a gift for many because all of us have our heroes: movie stars, musicians, sports stars. My Judy Garland Life, to quote from the book’s cover, is "For anyone who held a candle to a star."

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