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I hope you are sitting down because we are about to give you the scoop on the track listing for the new Judy Garland CD. This information is not official yet and does not appear on the First Hand Records website ( but you can trust ole Buzz that this will be the official set list.

There will be 43 tracks in all, 14 of them being issued for the very first time anywhere. That's right, There will be fourteen previously unreleased Judy Garland recordings featured on JUDY GARLAND THE LONDON STUDIO RECORDINGS 1957-1964.

Six of the unreleased tracks are alternate takes from the 1960 Judy In London sessions, there are two alternate takes from the I Could Go On Singing sessions, and three from 1964's Maggie May sessions.

The other unreleased material is comprised of false starts, unfinished recordings, interrupted takes, and studio chit chat.

Sounds amazing, doesn't it? But wait, it get's better. Amongst these treasures is a little gem that could quite possibly be the crown jewel of this collection

Please Say "Ah" is an undocumented, and, until now, undiscovered song that was written especially for I Could Go On Singing. It was possibly meant as a duet for Judy's character to sing with Dirk Bogarde's. The track on the CD is a demo recording of the song featuring Judy with composer Saul Chaplin and Judy apparently loves the song and you are going to love Judy all the more.


The rest of the set features all the officially released songs that Judy recorded at the famous Abbey Road studio between 1957-1964.

The recordings have all been remastered in high definition at Abbey Road for this release.

Here is the complete track list:

CD 1
1. It’s Lovely to Be Back in London
2. Lucky Day
3. I Can’t Give You Anything but Love
4. Stormy Weather
5. Medley: Judy at The Palace
6. You Go to My Head
7. Rock-a-Bye Your Baby (with a Dixie Melody)
8. Happiness is a Thing Called Joe
9. It’s a Great Day for the Irish
10. I Happen to Like New York
11. Medley
12. Why Was I Born?
13. Do it Again
14. Come Rain or Come Shine
15. The Man That Got Away
16. Chicago
17. You’ll Never Walk Alone
18. San Francisco
19. After You’ve Gone
20. Swanee
21. Over the Rainbow

Recorded for the soundtrack of Barbican Films
production of “I Could Go On Singing”
1. Hello Bluebird
2. By Myself
3. It Never Was You (previously unissued alternative take)
4. I Could Go On Singing

From the musical “Maggie May”
5. The Land of Promises
6. It’s Yourself
7. Maggie May
8. There’s Only One Union

Garland at work in the studio
9. Lucky Day (take 1)
10. Stormy Weather (take 4)
11. Why Was I Born (take 6)
12. After You’ve Gone (take 3)
13. It’s a Great Day for the Irish (take 2)
14. You’ll Never Walk Alone (take 1)
15. It’s Yourself intro chat
16. It’s Yourself (take 6)
17. The Land of Promises (take 4)
18. Maggie May (take 1)
19. Hello Bluebird (take 9)
20. I Could Go On Singing (take 1) interrupted partial take
21 It Never Was You intro talk to guitarist
22. Please Say ‘Ah’! (with Saul Chaplin vocals)

The CD will be released in October.

All that's going on with Judy right now is so wonderful. This release, the upcoming John Fricke book, JUDY A LEGENDARY FILM CAREER, and the currently concurrent retrospectives at Lincoln Center's Walter Reade Theater and the Paley Center just show how vital and culturally important Judy Garland was and still is.
But then again, would we expect any less from the world's greatest entertainer?


gulum said...

How perfectly lovely. I know when Lorna Smith and I were with Judy in the studio she made more than one version of each song--and now we will all be able to hear them. Happy Day...joan

Bobby Waters said...

I'm VERY excited about this upcoming release! I do wish Capitol would scour all the vaults and give us a "complete Judy at Capitol" set. Can you imagine the hours and hours of material that must be stashed away in their archives???



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