Friday, December 30, 2011


Tomorrow's "This Day In Herstory" will be the last installment of that feature for this blog. Big, big thanks and gratitude go out to the remarkable David Price for taking all of us on such a wondrous journey with Judy over this past year.

The rare photos, along with David's insightful and educational commentary, have been a welcome addition to (the very grateful) The Judy Garland Experience.

And although TJGE management is saddened that the run of this show has come to it's end, we can't say thank you enough times to Mr. Price for the generosity he has bestowed upon TJGE and the Judy Garland community at large by undertaking this huge project.

But as sad as we are to see This Day In Herstory become history, we are thrilled, delighted, and bursting with pride over the fact that David will continue his association with TJGE with a brand new feature called David Price's Photo Of The Week. Look for the first edition next week. And be sure to check back every week, because just like Herstory, Photo Of The Week will feature more rare photos and enlightening factoids.

If you are reading this David, I would like to personally thank you on behalf of everyone in the world who has looked forward to your reportage on a daily basis.
Your dedication, knowledge, and style make The Judy Garland Experience a better thing.

re: tinted photo: November 3, 1942 ... a "Glamour Shot" taken by Eric Carpenter in the M-G-M portrait gallery ... at last she had come into her own with the studio and was being given the full glamour treatment.

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Gary Horrocks said...


your commitment and generosity shone a light onto 2011 - with sincere gratitude for your hard work. Happy new year!




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