Sunday, April 1, 2012


(Left to Right) Back Row: Lorraine Grey, Virginia Grey, Maureen O'Connor, Jane Withers, Ethel Meglin, June Lang, Judy Garland. Front Row: Scotty Beckett, Billy Lee, Unknown Child.

David Price's PHOTO OF THE WEEK #14

1. Mid-January, 1938 ... attending a reunion event honoring Ethel Meglin at the Ambassador Hotel's Colonial Room. Judy joined other former Meglin Kiddies including Jane Withers and the Grey sisters. Reporting at the time stated that all the Meglin Kiddies who had "made it" came to the reunion except Shirley Temple.

If anyone can identify the unidentified child, please let me know!

Photo courtesy of Will Stewart, from the Stewart family album. His father, Bob Stewart, was a dance instructor who worked for the Meglins.

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