Sunday, November 11, 2012


Here is the first in a series of tributes to Judy Garland's discography, with focus on her library of Long Playing albums.  Every month TJGE member Jaycub will create a brand new video featuring a song, medley, or homage to/from one of Garland's LP's.

For our first pick we have chosen a perennial fan favorite that was first released by Capitol Records in 1962,  The Garland Touch.
To represent the album we have chosen track number three, Comes Once In A Lifetime, as the soundtrack to the video. The video is filled with rare footage of Judy, out and about, enjoying life,  and doing exactly as her song instructs.

The Garland Touch was a "Pick Up" album that featured an eclectic bunch of singles, unreleased tracks, and reissues. The material on the album was recorded between 1958 and 1961 at several iconic recording studios, most notably the Capitol Tower in Los Angeles and Abbey Road studios in London.

The album, with additional tracks, is currently available on compact disc and as a digital download.

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