Wednesday, November 14, 2012


 Here is another gallery of photos that were posted to our Facebook group 
today by TJGE members Kristen Rae, Joe L, Sarah W, and Clayton A.

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Judy and Jimmy Durante rehearse for the radio production Dick Tracy In B Flat, 1945.

Judy backstage, 1962.

With Wilson Penna and Bidu' Sayao, 1955.

Chicago, 1967.

Judy with Fanny Brice, Harry Rapf, and Sophie Tucker.

Dottie Ponedel touches up Judy's make up between takes of I'm An Indian Too while pal Joan Blondell  looks on, 1949.

Vegas, 1957.

Between takes while on location filming for I Could Go On Singing, 1962.

The Gumm sisters meet the world of digital color.

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