Sunday, December 9, 2012


Just because TJGE wanted to make a movie trailer with it, we have opted to make Judy's 1959 concept album, The Letter, this month's Album Of The Month.

Otherwise, this creaky curio would be found at the bottom of my "must play" list.

However, I think film maker and TJGE member, Jaycub, has brilliantly revitalized the concept, and his oh so subtle use of the technicolor process is awe inspiring.

Judy Garland and Gordon Jenkins would be pleased, not to mention confused and convulsed,
eh, with laughter, of course.

And I think we can all agree that Bette Davis would have loved it! You'll see.

Settle in and thank your lucky stars that you aren't in Texas.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your hard work very much. Thank you. Actually, next to Carnegie Hall, this is my favorite Judy LP. I get involved every time I hear it...totally. I don't think it's creaky at all. Speaking for myself. Do you know how it was edited for "Our Love Letter", the LP I mean. Congrats.



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