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Our mission is to give you a few gift ideas for the Garland fan in your life without overwhelming you with too many choices, just some of the more recent popular releases that are bound to make any fan, new or old, happy.

We've also included a selection of extra special non Garland related gifts that were produced by some of the talented friends and members of TJGE. 
We hope you consider giving these gifts to your friends and loved ones as well.


Judy's 1963 Christmas show starring Liza Minnelli, Mel Torme, Jack Jones, Lorna Luft, Joe Luft, and Liza's "beau" Tracy Everett. 
Judy opens with her classic Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas and closes with her christmas gift to the world, an even bigger classic, Over The Rainbow. 
In between are holiday favorites, frivolity, and Lorna Luft singing the best version of Santa Claus Is Coming To Town ever!

An Ozian journey that takes the reader through Baum's series of stories through their various incarnations from inception to present day. Loaded with rare and fascinating artwork and photography.
A must for all Wizard Of Oz fans and collectors.

Judy's legendary midnight concert is presented here in it's first legitimate release. Complete, restored, and simply extraordinary. Garland is in great spirits and top form.

Garland and Astaire.

Judy Garland as a fictional war hero. Need we say more?

Savoy Jazz released an entire library of CD's of Judy singing some of the most beloved songs of the 20th century, including Moon River, I Wish You Love, Time After Time, and more.

Judy's 1964 interview with Paar was chosen for this set, and although not at her peak vocally, she tells some wickedly funny stories about Marlene Dietrich.

Masterly produced and assembled. A must have.

Judy at the apex of her film career. 

One of the greatest marriages of song and color in film history.

The classic.
Judy's most well known and beloved recording has never been out of print for over 50 years. 
For that rare bird, the Garland/mono enthusiast.

Give your favorite Judy fan a membership to the world's biggest and most exciting Judy Garland organization, Yahoo's The Judy Garland Experience. This is the mother ship, the guiding force for all of the many TJGE outlets. It is also home to Judy's rarest recordings, lively conversations, TJGE photo library, late breaking Garland news, access to the world's foremost Judy Garland experts, games, themes, and a whole lot more (The Judy Garland Experience, where it's not always just about Judy).
AND, it is absolutely free.
Send the email address of the person you want to receive a membership to this address:
We will take it from there and send them an invitation on your behalf, including an easy to use link to assist in the sign up process. 
Members of TJGE team and friends


Nobody on earth knows more about Judy Garland than John Fricke. And nobody writes about her more charmingly, and with as many fascinating details packed into one single sentence as he does.
His latest book is the final word on Garland's legendary film career.

John Fricke

Lea Delaria wowed everyone with her passionate tribute at 1998's Carnegie Hall all star salute to Judy Garland. And she has continued to wow us ever since, as she does again and again on this spirited holiday offering.

Rock And Roll's favorite minstrel, Stuffy Shmitt, has just released an eclectic collection of songs derived from his impressive library of recordings for Realistic Records. The hypnotic and surreal Nothing Is Real is worth the price of admission alone. But here's the kicker, the rest of the songs are just as good!

As an unabashed teenaged Judy Garland fan, living legend Bob Dylan used to borrow change just so he could listen to Judy sing The Man That Got Away on the jukebox. And fifty years later Judy was one of the artists Dylan decided to include on his first ever broadcast of 
Bob Dylan's Theme Time Radio Hour. 
Once a Judy fan, always a Judy fan.

On this, Bob's first Christmas album, one Minnesota legend pays tribute to another when Dylan offers up an emotional reading of Judy's classic Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.

Jay Alders is a Fine Artist, a Photographer, A Designer,
and, quite simply, the greatest creator of Surf Art the world has ever seen! 
Breathtaking use of color and motion are his trademarks, but it's the spirit and soul found in his paintings that are making this New Jersey Shore native a legend in his own time.

Another great gift idea are Jay's hoodies and/or tees that were designed exclusively for RebuildRecover.
 One hundred percent of the profits will go towards rebuilding the Jersey Shore and helping those devastated by Hurricane Sandy.

A subscription to CHANCE would be the ideal gift for that theater/design/intellectual geek in your life. It would also be a great gift for anyone who enjoys great photography, fascinating editorials, and the science of theatrical design.

The Queen Of Soul, Aretha Franklin, is a self-confessed "Judy Garland fanatic."

"Judy Garland is a singer with a capital S. And talk about soul. This woman was soul personified. Judy Garland is a class by herself." - Aretha Franklin

Her most recent holiday album is a soulful mix of classic and new songs sung in her own soulful and classic style.. 

In Rainbow's End, author Steve Sanders broke new ground with his eye opening and meticulously researched book on the making, and breaking, of the Judy Garland television show. 
His newly expanded DESILU, written with Tom Gilbert, is just as ground breaking, as well as being one of the deepest and most intimate books ever written about television. A real page turner! 

Coyne Steven Sanders and friend.

Hipsters? Camp? Retro? Cool?
How about good ol' holiday fun!

Award winning Minnesota artist Holly Tappen has been making a name for herself in recent years as a standout in gallery and museum shows. Known for her brilliant play of light and shadows, her post depressionism style has also caught the attention of curators and serious collectors. 

Holly Tappen

Shelby Lynne's remarkable Christmas album almost sounds like a musical autobiography. It's got the same intensely personal feel and immediacy as her other albums, and the artist sounds characteristically wistful, sentimental, and downright playful as she jams on some beloved holiday classics. 

Simply one of the most fascinating and exciting biographies ever written about a fascinating and exciting person. I mean, what didn't Kay Thompson do?
Sam Irvin's brilliantly researched biography tells Thompson's story with honesty, compassion, and humor. Without question this is one of the best celebrity biographies to come out in years.

Kay Thompson's little girl who lived at the Plaza.
Beautifully illustrated by the legendary Hilary Knight.
A classic.
Sam Irvin and Hilary Knight

Bette Midler has been America's Sweetheart for forty years with no end in sight.
In her first ever Holiday album she beautifully revives Judy Garland's "other" Christmas Song, Merry Christmas (from In The Good Old Summertime) and sings ten other Christmas songs of cheer and sentiment, including a special holiday version of her own From A Distance.

No living person can be more inside Hollywood than Monica Lewis. In a career that spanned nearly fifty years she worked in every possible medium (movies, TV, stage, radio, print, etc), and as if she wasn't saturated in show business enough, she went and married one of the most powerful men in Hollywood. Monica, with Dean Lamanna, tells her amazing and inspiring story in a beguiling manner that completely seduces the reader.
Monica Lewis                  photo: Alan Mercer

Barry Manilow is an American treasure and an international superstar, 
and that's just in his spare time!
He is also a prolific and award winning songwriter 
with one of the most recognizable singing voices in the world.
His latest album is a jam packed holiday themed collection culled from the best of previous holiday albums. And as an extra special stocking stuffer, included is one of the most exquisite versions of Violets For Your Furs you will ever hear. 
 What a treat to find this Matt Dennis jewel hidden among the classic Christmas songs. 
Happy holidays indeed!

Another great gift to consider giving would be a donation to The Manilow Music Project a Manilow fund for health and hope program.
Barry Manilow and friends.

The renowned Practical Vampire Slayer, Claudia Cunningham, has written one of the most useful 
self-help books in recent memory. Her keen perception and practical principles will help you identify the vampires in your life, whether they be actual people, relationships, work, self destructive patterns, or whatever is draining you or dragging you down  (and what, if anything, you want to do about them).

Finally, a Chrishmastish CD meant to have cocktails with! 
Thank you, beautiful and talented Diana Krall! You're the besht!

Another great Garland related gift idea is a membership to 
The International Judy Garland Club.
This is the same club that was sanctioned by Judy back in the early 60's, and under the leadership of returning president Gary Horrocks it is still going strong today.
The benefits of membership include a subscription to the always lavish and beautiful bi-annual magazine JUDY GARLAND A CELEBRATION.
Gary Horrocks and friends

Is it Broadway? Is it Doo Wop? Is it Swing? Is it Elvis?
Whatever it is there is an awful lot of singing. 
If you are looking for a hip new chorale group Straight No Chaser was made to order.
And speaking of order,

Victor Mignatti, acclaimed Director of R. Kelly's In The Closet, is back with an inspirational movie about show business. This documentary isn't the usual story about young hopefuls trying to break into the "biz", this is the story of the dedication and heartbreak of seasoned pros who have already broken into show business and created respectable careers but haven't quite made it yet to superstar status. But dang, if they ain't ready for the moment when it comes! A must see!


To listen to four great albums by one of the hippest girl singers ever

Frank Ocean is the bravest voice in Hip Hop/Rap.
This courageous album is a stunning achievement of lyrical poetry, soul, and beats.

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