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Click on the video above to view Judy Garland's 
restored interview with Helen O'Connell, 1961.

Director Stanley Kramer witnesses Judy Garland signing her contract 
to play Irene Hoffman in his production of Judgment At Nuremberg.

Judy Garland rehearses on the set

Judy Garland, Richard Widmark, and Howard Caine, 
rehearsing on the set.


Per director Frank Labrador:
"Restoration of the segment about the filming of "Judgment at Nuremburg" by NBC-TV's "Here's Hollywood" weekday series (originally broadcast on June 23, 1961). Helen O'Connell interviewed Judy Garland on camera for this segment in March 1961, but the footage that survived does not have the complete audio. Judy's replies could be heard but not Helen's questions...until NOW. Here is the radio broadcast version of this interview, which is complete. For the first time, this radio version was combined to create this brand new, restored version of this historic interview on the "Judgment at Nuremburg" film set. For portions where there is no video, behind-the-scenes photos from David Price's digital photograph collection were used. ENJOY!
Judy Garland is readied for her first scene in the film.

Judy Garland being directed by Stanley Kramer.

P.S. Please note the "Here's Hollywood" opening and end credits used in this video were lifted from a different episode in 1962 -- the only one that I could find online. So Helen's announcement about the guests for the next show is not historically correct."
Helen O'Connell

Judy Garland and Stanley Kramer arrive at 
 the  Berlin premiere of Judgemet At Nuremberg.

Judy Garland was nominated for an Academy 
Award for her portrayal of Irene Hoffman Wallner.

The cast poses with a cardboard cut out of Marlene Dietrich.

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