Monday, February 14, 2011


All was smiles when Ronald Reagan was the announcer for Judy Garland's 1956 television special. But I suspect that smile on life long Democrat Judy's face would have turned into a frown had she lived to see Reagan elected president of the United States.


Anonymous said...

What a mean spirited, uncalled for comment, that Judy would be upset at the presidency of Ronald Reagan.

While she might have been a life-long Democrat, do you really believe she hated all Republicans?

This is a wonderful photo of the meeting of two icons. One of movies and music and one of politics, and there was absolutely no need to taint the moment captured in the photo by the snide comment made.

Buzz Stephens said...

Never said anything bad about Reagan, never said anything about hate. That's your interpretation. All I said was Judy's smile would have turned upside down at the thought of Republican Ronald Reagan being elected president.
Judy was known to be a staunch Democrat and to make jokes about Repulicans.
The spirit of the comment was meant in that vein (think of the football rivalry between Notre Dame and Perdue).
But since you opened this door it's probably fair to say that Ronald Reagan's presidential policies would not have set well with Judy Garland's well know liberal stance on many issues.

Anonymous said...

She probably would have supported him just a friend jesture more than anything. There was allot of Hollywood that supported Reagan, most notably Frank Sinatra.

Anonymous said...

More like dorothy and the gipper it's true she might've been shocked to hear him becoming president but judy had already heard him switch to republican in '62 but she was probably saddened to see his speech at barry goldwaters convention in '64 but what put her very down was to hear him becoming governor for the golden state in '67 then two years later she had been not hopeful for the future so at age 47 she overdosed on barbiturates due to such causes and reagan must have thought of her as a fallen angel or lost soul but as they say the democrats from back then are known as the republicans of today's world she may have supported him for the right reasons if she was alive at the time just wish she didn't commit suicide at an early age she could tell us what he was like in hollywood if she'd survived



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