Saturday, May 14, 2011


Day two of the 2011 Judy In New York festival was a day full of emotion, joy, bonding, and Judy rarities.

The day started with a luxury bus trip to visit Judy's final resting place in Hartsdale New York, and after a catered box lunch it was back to Manhattan and an afternoon of

Steve Sanders and Frankie Labrador presented two brand new documentaries created just for JINY. The first was a beautifully produced film called LOVING JUDY which featured archival footage, John Carlyle interview outtakes, and new interview footage of Sid Luft shot by Steve Sanders shortly before Sid's death.

The film paralleled John Carlye and Sid Luft's love affairs with Judy. And although both men couldn't have been more different, their common ground was Judy. And in the context of the love they felt for her it turns out they weren't that different after all.

The second documentary was Judy At The Palace 1951-1967. This film chronicled Judy's history at/with the Place, and once again featured never before seen footage, including color footage of Judy's 1956 Palace show and audio and film synced footage from all three palace engagements.
This film was so well received the audience literally cheered at the end of it.

There were also some "pull the shades and lock the door" moments provided by Steve Sanders and Daniel Berghaus.

First off, Sanders presented some unbelievably rare and amazing video of Judy that had the audience alternately gasping in astonishment and screaming bravo for 45 straight minutes. Then Daniel Berghaus, in collaboration with Steve Sanders and Frank Labrador, presented something that left the audience stunned. They were so enraptured and caught up in the experience you could hear a pin drop. That is, until the presentation was over and the room exploded like it was New Years eve!

Wish I could tell you exactly what was shared, but for legal reasons everyone had to agree that, for this particular portion of the event, what happened at Judy In New York stays at Judy In New York.

There were also some enlightening panel discussions that gave us all the chance to get to know each other better on a personal level.

Photographs provided by Justin Sturge, Hanna Brown, Stephen Paley, Cris Bonneville, Joan Beck Coulson, Frank Labrador, Crystal Crawford Garland, Jan Glazier, and others.


gulum said...

Correction: Heather is my adopted niece, as well as Elizabeth, Meredith and others. Beverly decided I was her "mother" and Hannah Brown decided she was an "illegitimate daughter"! I don't blame you for not getting it straight, it is hard for me too.

Buzz Stephens said...

I stand corrected and offer my sincerest apologies for the error.

Adopted niece, adopted niece, adopted niece. There. Now I'm sure that I shall never forget.

Hannah, illegitimate daughter? Scandalous! For some reason those rumors about you and Sir Paul come to mind....

Hannah Banana Brown said...

LOL Buzz! When I was a young teen I discovered I was the secret love child of a glamorous, wordly lady, like Matt discovering Jenny Bowman.

I think Joan said at the bar that I was the result of her affair with a dark, handsome Spanish billionaire.

Buzz, great job with the blog and your captions!! What a wonderful way to keep our special weekend alive! :)



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