Friday, August 19, 2011


Well, Mr. Fricke and I are neck in neck (...) with both of us having books published this, again, on Lucy and John, again, well, need I say more? LOL

His latest tome (Mel Tome? sorry...) arrived yesterday. I must confess I knew I would like it very much, and appreciate the graphics and John's inestimable knowledge of all things Garland infused in each page and photo selected. But, frankly, Judy's film career is just a facet of her life and professional accomplishments which often take a back list to me compared to her live performances, the series (of course!), TV appearances, etc.

So I was surprised perhaps more than anyone else about my behavior when the Fricke book arrived, thanks to amazon (and my debit card, of course). I stood at the kitchen table, thinking I would glance through it for a "minute or two" but I found myself, over an hour later, pouring through it all, relishing and savoring (like a perfect meal) each and every page and insightul comment and analysis -- plus, the patented (or should be) world-famous Fricke factoids. As I've said, he crams more information (and truth) into his photo captions than most authors on Judy are able to squeeze into their entire book.

In short (or not so short), let me say that I went through it from cover to cover and loved it all and plan on devoting another round to it this weekend, going over it again, indulging myself, from start to finish, to take it all in.

It's a masterpiece -- and, as has been said, "surprisingly affordable" -- I don't know how they can sell such a quality book at such a low cost, but I fear it's because John isn't paid nearly what he's worth to offset the cost -- but that's the story of Garland writers, alas. But we're rewarded in myraid other ways, to be sure.

Thanks, John, for being at the forefront and for doing such fine work. When Judy said that heartfelt "thank you" to you in '67, she had no idea (or maybe she did?) in how much you have done for her and to correct and properly enrich her reputation and restore her status...and elevate her to her proper status, deservedly, despite the mountain of forces which often conspire to do otherwise.

If you keep writing 'em, I'll keep buying 'em!

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