Thursday, August 18, 2011

On This Day In Herstory (August 18, 1953)

Per David Price, "August 18, 1953 ... Judy's first work day on A STAR IS BORN, at Warner Bros. in Burbank. This film is considered by many to be the crowing glory of her career ... and she was at the top of her form.

Scheduled for the finale film of the recent Film Society of Lincoln Center Judy Garland retrospective series ... and reports were glowing from the crowds who were there at the Walter Reade Theatre just a few nights ago."


Burl said...

What an exciting day! The pinnacle of her loveliness! Who's at the piano - can't recall the name-

Lesie said...

I was born that year too, but she's by far the star!! I heard her in Springfield, Mass., I was about 10, and shook her hand (she was so tiny), I'll never excuse what MGM did to her. Best film ever and she never got the Oscar!



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