Tuesday, August 2, 2011


This week over at the Yahoo version of The Judy Garland Experience one of the recordings we are featuring is the night Joan Crawford joined Judy Garland on stage at New York's Palace Theatre.

Judy was in the the fourth week of a wildly successful run. The reviews for this engagement read like personal valentines to Judy. Everyone noted that she was performing with renewed vitality and vigor to sold out houses, and with no missed performances!

Joan Crawford, a long time Judy fan, and quite likely aware of the publicity opportunity attending a Garland At The Palace concert may bring to her, attended the August 23, 1967 performance.

After Judy finished Just In Time, and the ovation that followed it, Joan called out to Judy from her seat in the audience, and then before you could say Mildred Pierce she was sharing the stage with Judy!

Luckily for us, somebody in the audience recorded that particular concert, and those are the files currently posted to the Yahoo group.

One of the group's European members, Kim (the good Kim) was so inspired by the recording that he photoshopped a photo of Joan and Judy together on the stage of the Palace (see the top of this page). No actual photos of this particualr meeting are known to exist so we are thankful for Kim's fantasy photo of the happening.

And why is it that we think it would be perfectly normal for Miss Joan Crawford to be dripping in furs in the midst of New York's annual August heat wave?

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